It’s time for one of our favorite things to share on the blog – the celebration of the hard work, dedication, and results of our Weight Loss Bootcamps & AmpCamps! Everyone involved in our camps gives 100% of themselves to their decision to make a change – from the clients themselves to the instructors who love to coach them, the energy is contagious and we love to give everyone a big gigantic pat on the back to a job well done!

Though it’s super fun to look at the numbers, the pictures, the absolute PROOF that our camps work when clients come in with the decision to make a change in their lives – we always stress the best and most beneficial changes are something we can’t put into a graph or table. It’s the changes you see inside these women that we love – the brighter smiles and shine in their eyes, the new habits they’ve created, the confidence growth from learning to have control over things that once held them in a place of unhappiness.

Read on for the fun results – we have some from our 8-week Amps and some from our 12-week WLBC, and know that behind each of these pictures is a woman who’s grown stronger, healthier, and happier. Way to go, ladies!


“What you get by achieving your goal is not nearly as important as what you become.” 

Read more about our 8-week AmpCamps here.

* Teresa *


Teresa has joined us for consecutive AmpCamps since her first in March of 2014, losing a total of 44 pounds since the day she started a year ago!!! Beyond the weight loss she has gained so much more – new found fitness, confidence, friends, and an all over healthy lifestyle. Loving it, Teresa!
Here are her stats from her latest 8-week camp:
Lost 6.8 pounds (and now in maintenance mode!!!)
Down  2 inches from her waist 
Down .5 inches from her hips    
Down 1 inch from her chest
Teresa’s push-ups went from 35 on her toes (um, wow) to 38 on her toes!  
Her plank hold improved from 2:36 to 3:10  
Her sit-ups improved by 4!  
So impressive, especially coming in to this camp so fit to begin with! 

* Susan *

Susan came to her first Amp nervous and excited – and totally busted her booty at every workout, used the studio, and lost 17 pounds in her 8 weeks of dedication! She’s ready to come back for another round – way to go Susan!!
Lost 17 pounds!
Down 3 inches from her waist 
Down 2 inches from her hips
Down 2.5 inches from her chest
Susan’s push-ups went from 8 on her toes and 19 on her knees
to 16 on her toes and 22 on her knees!  
Her plank hold improved by 9 seconds  
Her sit-ups improved by 7! 

* Misty *

Misty lost 9.5 pounds during camp, trimmed up and improved her fitness in a big way! Way to go, Misty – trimming time off your mile and improving your endurance has got to feel great! 
Lost 9.5 pounds!
Down 1.75 inches from her waist 
Down 1.25 inches from her hips 
Her push-ups went from 12 on her toes and 10 on her knees
to 20 on her toes and 5 on her knees!  
Her sit-ups improved by 10!  
Misty improved her mile time from 12:00 to 10:15…awesome! 

* Becky *

Becky was a joy to get to know in her first Amp – with her absolutely sweet spirit and total commitment to the program, she made amazing progress with fantastic results! We are so proud of this strong woman and she goes to show, once again, we are all capable of anything we put our minds to!
Becky lost 15.2 pounds!
Lost 9 total inches!


“Arriving at one goal is the start to another.”

To read more about our 12 week programs, click here.

* Michelle *

Michelle set goals from day one – she pushed herself to go a few steps further during the warm up laps every single day. From not being able to jog a half lap in the beginning to jogging 2 in a row by the end – Michelle made huge strides and we couldn’t be more proud! Week by week she got stronger, improved her fitness level and worked through dietary issues – and she always went at the level she needed to challenge herself, never ever taking it easy. We are so proud of her for pushing through the hardest part (the beginning), inspiring us all and setting health goals for the rest of the year. Way to go Michelle, keep up your hard work!!!
Lost 38.4 pounds!
Down 2.5 inches from the hips
Down 6 inches from the waist
Down 5.5 inches from the chest
Michelle improved her push-ups in 1 minute from 5 on toes & 19 on knees
and can now do 10 on toes & 16 on knees!
Her sit-ups improved from 8 to 18
12 weeks ago she planked for :8 seconds – Now she can hold a plank for 1:15!!

* Ashley *

One of our 2 Perfect Attendance Award recipients, Ashley gave her all and led our WLBC crew in the highest percentages lost – therefore also being our “Biggest Loser!” With 3 kids under five years old (a huge challenge in itself), she made no excuses and proved once again that anything is possible when we make the decision to do it!
Ashley lost 28.3 pounds!
Down 4.5 inches from the hips
Down 6 inches from the waist
Down 4 inches from the chest
She improved her push-ups in 1 minute from 21 on knees to 35… (all on your toes!!!)
She improved her sit-ups from 37 crunches to 23 sit-ups!
12 weeks ago she planked for :11 seconds. Now she can hold a plank for 1:40!

* Laila *

Laila worked her butt off, utilized the studio and made incredible progress. On top of the fitness she has a new appreciation for whole healthy foods, loving to find new recipes and celebrate that eating nutritious foods can be delicious! We love seeing young women take control of their health and look forward to the changes they get to make early on in life – heading into Grad school we know she’ll have fitness and good food to rely on other than caffeine and junk! “I feel so much healthier than I ever have and it’s such an amazing feeling,” she says, and we can see the proof of her health right here! Your tummy looks awesome, girl – way to work hard!!
Lost 23.7 pounds!
Down 6 inches from the hips
Down 6 inches from the waist
Down 2 inches from the chest
Laila improved her push-ups in 1 minute from 25 on knees
to 23 on toes & 23 on knees!
She improved her sit-ups from 21 to 31
12 weeks ago she planked for :35. Now she can hold a plank for 1:13!

 * Deena *

Deena didn’t come in with a weight loss goal, but just a blanket goal of improving her fitness and healthy lifestyle. “One of the biggest things I’ve learned in the program is that you get the body you earn,” she says. “So all these days when I would compare myself to others, I never understood the efforts those people were actually putting in until I saw it at an early morning Fusion class. It was PACKED at Bikini Bootcamp and it finally clicked for me that while I was getting that extra hour of sleep in the past, all these people were dedicated and working hard for their bodies. It made me realize even more that the extra hour of sleep was absolutely worth sacrificing to become stronger.”
Her body fat went from 22% to 14.7%!!
Down 1.5 inches from the hips
Down 2.25 inches from the waist
Down 1.5 inches from the chest
She improved her push-ups in 1 minute from 20 to 33 (all on her toes!)
She improved her sit-ups from 23 to 31
12 weeks ago she planked for 1:22. Now she can hold a plank for 2:20! 

* Kindle *

Kindle kicked butt. With a long commute for those early bird classes, she rarely missed a beat and encouraged everyone around her by pushing herself to the max. She put in the hard work, made the commitment, and had major success. “Shawna taught me I can truly be an athlete, something I’ve never really been before. It’s made me even more confident & driven in my life & career – I’m a total Fusion junkie now!”
Lost: 28.6 pounds!
Down 5 inches from the hips
Down 1.5 inches from the waist
Down 5 inches from the chest
She improved her push-ups in 1 minute from 2 on toes & 11 on knees
to now doing 15 on toes & 20 on knees!
She improved her sit-ups from 17 to 26 in 1 minute
12 weeks ago she planked for :28 seconds. Now she can hold a plank for 1:15!
She dropped almost THREE MINUTES off her 1 mile time!


Maygan came in here determined – she went from starting point to strong and fast in a matter of the first few weeks. She was recruited by other WLBC girls to try some road races … and we think she may be hooked :) We are so impressed with all that she has accomplished in her 12 weeks, and can’t wait to see where she is headed!
Lost 23.3 pounds!
Down 3.5 inches from the hips
Down 7.5 inches from the waist
Down 5 inches from the chest!
She improved her push-ups in 1 minute from 10 on toes & 12 on knees
and can now do 30 on toes & 18 on knees!
She improved her sit-ups from 18 to 40
12 weeks ago she planked for :51 seconds. Now she can hold a plank for 4:00. Whaaa?!


Emily came in with a smile and worked hard from start to finish – she even blogged about her new found love of getting up for 5:30a sweat sessions! “One thing I’ve discovered about myself from this experience is that I love working out in the morning! I really prefer it. 5:30 a.m. seemed so early and it took me until week 10, but I really do love getting it done and the way I feel throughout the entire rest of the day – empowered and that I can accomplish anything. The days when I wait to workout until afternoon or evening I just find that I am grumpy and unmotivated throughout the day, and I usually don’t end up working out on those days.” We love Emily’s honesty in that it does take time to get used to new habits – BUT once you get there you may have a new favorite thing you never knew you’d love!
Lost 9 pounds
Down 2 inches from the hips
Down 3 inches from the waist
Down 2 inches from the chest
Emily improved her push-ups in 1 minute from 10 on toes & 21 on knees
and can now do 30 (all on her toes!)
She improved her sit-ups from 20 to 26
12 weeks ago she planked for 1:00. Now she can hold a plank for 1:37! 

* Hayley *

“I can’t tell you how much WLBC changed my life – that sounds so dramatic, but it’s true! Not only did I lose weight and inches, but I am so much stronger and feel like I can conquer anything. Four months ago, I would have never looked forward to working out every day. I had so many other “important” things to do: happy hour, going to dinner, watching my addicting reality shows, the list of excuses goes on and on. :) Now, I look forward to every Fusion class, hate it when I have to miss one of my favorites, and actually enjoy waking up at 7 am on the weekends to workout. And it goes beyond sweating my butt off – I’ve always tried to be mindful of what I eat, but now I really crave foods that make me feel good and give me energy during my workouts.” Way to go Hayley – we are proud of you and so happy for your accomplishments and continued success!
Lost 21.5 pounds!
Down 5 inches from the hip
Down 5 inches from the waist
Down 3 inches from the chest
She improved her push-ups in 1 minute from 5 on toes & 14 on knees
and can now do 31… (all on her toes!)
She improved her sit-ups from 19 to 28
12 weeks ago she planked for 1:05. Now she can hold a plank for 3:05! Yowza!

To read more about our upcoming sessions of Amp and WLBC, click here - you can get all the details, dates, and even more before and after pics of past participants! 

Yep, over 4,500 miles away, Diane is sweating to our Dream Body Cardio Series, calling it “one of the most high energy, effective and versatile workouts I’ve ever done.” And this is coming from a fitness enthusiast and DVD lover!

She does a detailed & entertaining review of each of the five Cardio Series DVDs – plus points out that whether you’re better at (or prefer) cardio or toning, our workouts “will force you to work on your weak points.”

We love her honesty & humor and have to admit, we’re just a teeny bit (or way more) jealous of her romantic ex-pat life in France! She blogs about more than fitness so if you’re in la-la-love with the idea of living there, read on and enjoy living vicariously through her eyes.

Read her full post here!

  1. 6111675462_beaa8bbbf5_z-2Grocery Store
  2. Pick up kids from school
  3. Take dog to groomer
  4.  Find inner peace
  5. Cook dinner

Wait, what?

It might not be on your daily to-do list, and we know, the term “inner peace” comes with a lot of patchouli-scented baggage – people who use namaste in their daily vocabulary, Oprah tea at Starbucks; even our beloved celebs telling us how to find inner peace (and I do mean inner: the vag-steam, Gwynnie, really?!)

But we do feel the need to share the peace and positive vibes that focusing on yourself will create – and meditation is one of the easiest, quickest ways to do it.

What is meditation?

Sitting crossed-legged on a pillow repeating “oommmmm” is probably the first visual you get, right? Meditation can include this, yes, but to better incorporate all types, we can think of it instead as ‘active training of the mind to increase awareness.’

b8bdf6d228623b1a8b49d10c5b397a3aMeditation has been around for thousands of years, but has made a comeback as scientists are now “proving” what ancient techniques knew all along – training our brains is an integral part of being a mentally and physically healthy person – and can make a huge impact right away. Some may practice physical meditation like Yoga (try it right here at Fusion), and others may do it in prayer – but meditation is simply a blanket term for common techniques people use to get centered and calm. To live in the now. To be aware.

While meditation is a personal practice and there are infinite ways to do it, the most common forms of meditation include (taken from the Mayo Clinic):

  • Guided meditation. Sometimes called guided imagery or visualization, with this method of meditation you form mental images of places or situations you find relaxing. You try to use as many senses as possible, such as smells, sights, sounds and textures. You may be led through this process by a guide or teacher. If you can’t make it to an actual teacher or school, there are ha-zillions of guided meditations online like these or these – seriously check them out they are super relaxing.
  • Mantra meditation. In this type of meditation, you silently repeat a calming word, thought or phrase to prevent distracting thoughts.
  • 2013-01-16-06-14-02-2Mindfulness meditation. This type of meditation is based on being mindful, or having an increased awareness and acceptance of living in the present moment. In mindfulness meditation, you broaden your conscious awareness. You focus on what you experience during meditation, such as the flow of your breath. You can observe your thoughts and emotions, but let them pass without judgment. Prayer is a form of mindful meditation.
  • Yoga, Qi Gong & Tai Chi. These are physical forms of mediation. You perform a series of postures and controlled breathing exercises to promote a more flexible body and a calm mind. As you move through poses that require balance and concentration, you’re encouraged to focus less on your busy day and more on the moment.

Who meditates?

I’d bet you know a lot of people who meditate without even knowing it. Could be your long distance runner friend who uses mantras to get through marathons (check out this cool article in Runner’s World). Maybe it’s the mom next to you in the pick up line who camps out at home in the bathroom with a box of cheez-its to escape the kids (though meditating is a replacement for the food/alcohol/crutch so many of us rely on). Or even the owner of the awesome place you come to get sweaty everyday. Yep, Darby is a big fan of mediation and loves the benefits so much she wanted to share them with you. “It almost feels like you’ve just gotten a massage – your body is so relaxed and rejuvenated just from letting go and being still for a bit.”

The cool thing is, meditation can be done anywhere, any time, with minimal effort, no cost, and the person next to you doesn’t even have to know you’re doing it. Kind of like kegels. For your soul.


Click on the image for a seriously cute article about why you should be meditating!

Why do people meditate?

From the Dalai Lama to your own children (yep, check out this article about why we should introduce our children to meditation, and this article with step by step instructions how to do it), meditation benefits every aspect of our lives. Allowing your body to rest and becoming ‘aware’ of your mind rather than in control of it, slows everything to a peaceful pace and produces huge benefits – from strengthened immunity to happier relationships.

Emotional Benefits

Gaining the ability to clear away the information overload that builds up every day and contributes to your stress is the ultimate goal. I read somewhere to imagine a jar filled halfway with sand and halfway with water. Shake it up and everything becomes chaotic – these are our brains most days, with all of the sand grain thoughts racing around wildly. Set the jar down and the ‘thoughts’ will start to settle, eventually resting in a heap at the bottom of the jar. Kind of like opening a bottle of Kim Crawford, right? Except you can do this any time of the day, whether you’re in the huge line at Target or staring out the window at work – (and no one will call you a booze hound.)

c0caa082c0a4107d953dfb120bdc2340Here’s what you’ll start to notice with regular meditation:

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
  • Building skills to manage your stress
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Focusing on the present
  • Reducing negative emotions

The most emotionally beneficial technique you can start to practice immediately is a common theme in beginner meditation. Whatever form of meditation you practice, they all begin with observing your thoughts and allowing them to ‘be’ – especially in stressful situations. Here’s a great visual to get you started:

Picture your thoughts as clouds, passing through the vast, blue sky of your mind. You can label each thought as you recognize it, without allowing an emotional reaction or judgment to the thought. “Oh there is worry. There is sadness. There is remembering.” You can then watch each one come closer and eventually drift away, understanding that all of these thoughts will constantly ome and go. It is our choice if we simply allow them to enter our heads and then leave as they came, or if we choose to embellish each and every insecurity, sad memory, feeling of hurt, etc. on a daily basis – meditation can help us learn to recognize but not react. Check out this excerpt from a book on mindfulness here, explaining the process step by step.

This technique can be applied in any situation – whether you’re going through a rough time, seeking general peace – even during childbirth. I used meditation before & during giving birth to my third baby, and his was the most peaceful, amazing experience of my life. I can still close my eyes and immediately bring back the overwhelming sense of calm and love I felt throughout the day.

Physical Benefitsacd8c782d6d62e928d08e628ef7a4199

Our minds are incredibly powerful – so powerful, that learning to control and be in tune with our thoughts and stress level can actually create physical changes in our brains. Seriously – studies suggest that after only 11 hours of meditation the brain begins to change – check out this super-informative Forbes article on 7 ways meditation can actually change the brain.

A growing body of medical research (proving the claims made by meditators for several thousand years) suggests meditation can help manage symptoms for these common conditions & diseases:

  • Addiction
  • Aging
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Pain
  • Sleep problems

Still not convinced? What about reducing belly fat? Yep – you know the deal, the more stressed you are, the more your body releases cortisol (read this awesome article from Prevention about how our stress level effects weight loss & gain). So meditation = less stress = reduced belly fat. Boom.

Where do I sign up?

Right? There’s really no reason NOT to start becoming more mindful right now. A new habit takes only 21 days to become a part of you – even if you start with a 5-minutes-per-day goal, chances are you’ll begin to crave and increase the time you spend meditating. Below are some of our favorite websites to get you started, but go from there to find what really speaks to you – you may like a YouTube guided meditation or you may just want to sit alone in your car with the windows up and nice music on the radio.


Like Yoga? Starting this Thursday February 19th at Overland Park, our own Fusionista Paige Sutherland will be leading Restorative Yoga at 1p – soon to be a part of our regular schedule. Register like a normal class on our Overland Park schedule



Our Corbin Park studio has been packed with new and existing clients, and we just love bringing our positive & supportive Fusionista community to South OP! Check out our CP FAQs and if you can’t find your answer here, email us at!

Where do I park?

One of the most exciting things about CP is our parking garage – the staircase comes up right between us and JCPenny so you can pretty much avoid the freezing, wet weather!

To park in the garage, pull in by Ya Ya’s restaurant (if you turn in at the 137th St light off of Metcalf you’ll see Ya Ya’s right away – if you’re turning in on Glenwood from 135th, come all the way around like you’re going to JCPenny and then you’ll see Ya Ya’s.)

From there you’ll see the entrance to the parking garage to the right of Nails & Wax salon. Come in, turn left immediately and then park as far down as you can. If you see large tractors and other construction equipment, you’re in the right place, don’t worry. You’ll see a regular door (we’re adding our Fusion sign) marked ‘staircase to small shops’. Come up the stairs and look to your left to see us! You’ll also see a lighted entryway with an elevator to the right of the stairway door – feel free to take that as well.

Otherwise, there are limited parallel parking spots right out front of us, and another big parking lot between us and Von Maur.

How do I work the lockers?

Another fun addition to CP is our lockers. Simply open the door, put in your goods, close the door and then set your own 4-digit code. Then turn the dial to red for lock – and scramble the numbers so you are locked in! To open, just enter your 4-digit code, turn the dial to green for unlock, and you’re good to go! We also have coat racks if you don’t want to use a locker.

Do you have showers?

We get this question a lot – we do not have showers. We thought about it but wondered how we’d break up the cat fights of all the early birders trying to get to the shower first! So we decided against it – after all, here in this Sweaty Sisterhood we are all about rocking the wet hair & slightly flushed look we all get to sport out the door!

Do I need a yoga mat for every class?

Yes! Also, in an effort to keep all of our studios as clean and germ-free as possible, we’ll be renting community mats for $2 starting soon (we’ll send an email with the start date.) That way, we can check out/in the community mats, keep them cleaner, and encourage regular members to bring their personal mats each time.

Corbin Park is so new and shiny. Will I still get the best workout in KC in this beautiful environment?

You know it. That’s how we do!

Our Amp Camps give RESULTS! Check out these four strong & determined women who completed our last Regan and Jos Amp sessions –  our Amp’ers worked hard for eight weeks and learned how to incorporate the program into their lives – making a lifestyle change rather than just looking at it as a quick fix. We don’t restrict you to water and lemons, we don’t work you to the bone for hours a day, and we know and emphasize that moderation is key – nothing is off limits and life can still be lived!

Our Amps give you the tools you need to keep up the good work well after the session has ended. Take a look below – and, well, the proof is in the (fat-free) puddin’!

Our next sessions start January 17th 2015 – read the details and registration info here!

 *——- Leslie ——-* 


Leslie lost 11.5 pounds and 8 total inches!

“I was a little nervous but also excited for my first Amp Camp session. I was ready to jump start my journey to a better and healthier me! I found Amp Camp to be a very positive experience – Joscelyn is inspirational and pushed me to work harder than I thought I was capable of. I liked and appreciated how she used the no excuse approach to teaching. The girls in the group were motivating and helpful in offering ideas such as healthy recipes and web-sites to check out, and it helped me to focus on my short term goal of losing 10 pounds – I accomplished that goal during the 8 week session! It gives you such a feeling of confidence and empowerment when you can reach your goals, and I look forward to participating in the next Amp Camp session!!!”

*——- Kymberly ——-*


Kymberly lost 11.5 pounds and 6 inches!

“This is the best New Years gift ever! It’s really a reminder of why I started this journey and why I want to continue to stay on this path! For the first time in my life, I feel like I am developing a healthy relationship between food, my body and my spirit. Thank you for all the effort you put into inspiring, motivating and coaching us!”

*——- Krysta ——-*


Krysta lost 8.3 pounds

2 inches from her waist 

1 inch from her chest

Pushups went from 23 on toes to 42 on toes!!!

Plank hold doubled from 1:10 to 2:30!

“Crazy to think I looked forward to our early Friday sessions…I have not felt this good since I played soccer in high school. I cannot thank you enough for showing me and giving me the tools to continue this lifestyle!” We love being your ‘second home’ as you said.. and your results are awesome! Whittled that waist right down, girl! And 42 pushups?!

*——- Jen ——-*

photo-11Jen lost 7.3 pounds

3 inches from her waist

3 inches from her hips

2 inches from her chest

Pushups started at 11 on toes & 19 on knees

and ended at 30 on toes and 39 on knees! WOW!

Plank hold went from :50 to 2:04!!!

“I had fun and most importantly, made a huge lifestyle change.” We can see that Jen, you look amazing. Check out that tummy – a trouble spot for the majority of us, we love seeing what a difference you made in just two months. Way to go!!



2015 has zoomed in and we’re almost halfway through January! Have you resolved to make any changes this year?

If you’re feeling unmotivated in setting your 2015 goals, you’re not alone. Out of the 75% of people who decide to make New Year’s Resolutions, in the past few years polls have revealed that 40% of resolutioners lose steam by July, and a whopping 8% actually say they held true to their intentions by December.

Blame it on the ancient Babylonians 4000 years ago … they started this tradition. Not that seeking to be a better person in the coming year is a bad thing, but our cultural ideas of resolutions have become sort of blah, haven’t they? Lose weight, save money…the same every January 1st.

To make it through the year and raise that 8% rate, it’s important to make sure our resolutions aren’t too open-ended – “lose weight” “quit smoking” “be thankful” – without a plan a goal is simply a wish, isn’t it?

Read on for a few tips, ideas and inspirations to sit down with your list and decide what you want to do with yourself this year.


Map out the Steps. How do you get to your overall goal of losing 30 pounds or spending more time with your kids? Decorate a chart on a poster board, make a dream board, write your steps on your bathroom mirror – put something down in writing that says what you’ll do each week to get you closer to your goal. “Exercise 30 minutes per day. Make one new all-veggie recipe each week. Cut out added sugar & fried foods.” Or “30 minutes with kid A on Tuesday & Thursday nights after dinner, 1 hour on Saturday with older kid B out to grab a hot chocolate.” Whatever you can write down that can be crossed off the list when it’s done. Make a big long list for the month, hang it up, and start crossing off tasks on the daily. Then do it again next month. These things will add up quickly and it will help you to track your progress!

For more inspiration on setting out the steps to reach a goal, follow our instructor Kristin Brinkman on her Facebook page Kristin’s Weight Loss Journey – dedicated to her weight loss over the past few years and inspiration to her killer spin class, Kristin’s Journey Ride – she talks a lot about accountability, making up for splurges in healthy ways, and how cool it is to look back on how far you’ve come when you need a little extra boost for the day.

52-week-save-money-challengeIf one of your goals is to save money, detour around Starbucks (just kidding, as if!) and check out this 52-week savings plan that was floating around Facebook last year at this time – it really is this easy to save over $1300 without really even noticing. I should know, I posted this up last January in my kitchen. And made it through about March. (But damned if I didn’t get money out of that half-filled envelope still sitting around for the babysitter the other night!)

Which leads us to the next tip:

Strive for progress, not perfection. Don’t beat yourself up for slip ups (or, ahem, straight up failures.) Being one of the biggest offenders of the I-just-ate-a-salad-why-am-I-still-fat mentality, I appreciate this as a lifeskill as well as a resolution tip. Jos shared a thought with me one morning as I was lamenting over a past few days of a total out-of-control gorge-fest (I mean if I do it one day, might as well destroy it all, right?) So out of the tailspin she brought me when she asked me, if you drop your cell phone, do you just go ahead and stomp on it or throw it against the wall to really brake it? If your tire is flat, do you deflate the other three? Nope. You don’t. So progress can ebb and flow…and that’s okay.

Just keep going. Put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. No reason to get bummed about about what you did yesterday – there is absolutely nothing that can be done to change it so absolutely no point in even considering it. Take a deep breath and move on!

Replace a “bad” with a “good”. If you’re trying to quit smoking, for example, look at why you’re choosing to smoke. Is it the social aspect? Do you like the break time with co-workers to stand outside and chat? So seek this social need in another way – invite a friend to take a walk around the block during the break, for example. Look at the “why” behind what you’d like to improve, and focus on how you can satisfy it in another, healthier way. This tip came to me from the Heavens, by the way. (Just kidding, our pastor talked about it last week in church so giving him the credit!)


Why not try to start this habit each morning or evening? If you wear that last outfit it will really set the mood ;0

Experts say it takes 21 days to adopt a new habit and six months for it to become part of your personality. This is seriously not that long. And always remember, if you’re scared of the time it will take to get there, the time will pass anyway. Might as well be working on your goals as it does!

Lastly I found this sweet article on one of our go-to health & fitness sites, Pop Sugar: Life Lessons Written by a 99-Year-Old Man – see if he inspires you! I also stumbled across this Google Map of 2012 Resolutions .. kind of fun to scroll around and see the difference and similarities of goals around the world!

For more ideas, check out what our instructors have resolved to do below!
If gaining a healthier lifestyle is on your list of to-dos, be sure to check out our Weight Loss Boot Camps and Amp Camps starting soon! We help you adopt lessons that last far beyond the weeks of the camps. ***Happy goal planning!***


JOS: New Years Resolutions…I hear so many people say they don’t do them. Well I do! Any new chance to commit to being better, I am all about.

  • Put my phone down and be present in my life. Enough checking Insta and email every time I get a down second. Enough celebrity gossip. Nothing matters more than experiencing each moment of this beautiful life. I don’t want to miss a thing! 
  • More water, less wine. 
  • Consider the intentions of others instead of always just their actions. I feel like we tend to judge ourselves based on our intentions (“oh but I meant to do this…”) and other people based soley on what they do. What a better world this would be if we all gave each other more grace.

BROOKE: I don’t typically make resolutions because it scares me to commit to something for a whole year! Ok, I’m kind of kidding… I recently read an article & felt as if it were written for me, the gist of it being – take each day and make a mini resolution: Today, I will sweat for 90 minutes; I will read an interesting article; I will make a really special dinner for my family. And so on. The idea of “living for today” really appeals to me. No one knows what tomorrow might hold but for today, let’s make it a great one! Oh, I also want to start composting and create a most delightful fruit and vegetable garden! Happy 2015! 

DARBY: I resolve to take time to take care of myself by minimizing situations that cause stress. I resolve to play more card games & board games with my kids.

LEEZE: My goal is to try not to be so rushed all the time. I feel like I live most of my days in a hurry. Always rushing from one place to the next, the feeling of just “a few minutes behind” when going places, and constantly on the go. I often tell myself it’s the life I live as a busy mom and Fusion instructor, but I also think I need to just sloooowwww down and know that all will be okay :). I want to try and be more present when doing things as well, rather than always looking ahead at the next thing I have to do. Life moves fast as it is, so why not take the time to try and slow moments down when you can :)!

SHAUNA P: My resolution this year is to be more present in everyday life and to be more patient (gosh, that one will be hard to stick to but I can try!) I’m trying to sit back and reflect more so hopefully that will be a constant reminder!

ERICA: My resolution this year is to be more patient and present. Over the past few years with iPhones and iPads I have found myself getting distracted easily. Every time I hear a text or email notification I feel the need to respond immediately. I hope to cut the leash on my phone more often and spend more uninterrupted, focused time with my family and friends. My goal is to make a better effort to listen, process and respond to the people who take the time to make me a part of their lives. Each year gets better and I look forward to whatever 2015 has in store for me!

MARI: I don’t really like resolutions… It makes me feel a ton of pressure, so I just like to call them my goals… One of my biggest goals is to give more IMG_0024to others. I have chosen a few organizations in KC that mean something to me, and this year I plan to pay it forward a lot more – I find whenever I do I am so much happier. It gets me outside of my  own little world and all of the things I worry about start to seem so small when I realize how blessed I am. It brings me back to reality. On a smaller scale… I set goals that are easy to measure. I know they sound trite, but they are: Run 2-times a week period. I feel stronger and think better when I run outside. Spend more time focusing on one to one time with each of my children. Stay off my phone when my most important people are home and want my attention, especially at night. Read to my kids more, and come to think about it, I should read more as well. Electronics are time suckers and I want to break free. Lastly and most importantly…As always…grow my fitness and nutrition through Fusion. My Favorite place to release stress and recharge all of these “goals”!

FRANCIE: Along with my 480 other yearly resolutions, this year I plan on trying to live in the present and stop trying to control the uncontrollables! Also – To be grateful for what I currently have instead of focusing on what I don’t have!
SADIE: My goal for 2015 is to keep the momentum going with the Parent Bag program we started through AustieStrong. I hope we can create and deliver approximately 60-80 more bags this year! We started this program to create overnight bags for parents who are unexpectedly admitted to Children’s Mercy. It includes necessities like shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrushes and also things like adult-sized towels, bath mats, laundry bags, etc. Then it’s helpful to just keep packed and ready to grab if you have to rush back into the ER, which is very common when you have a sick child. We hope these provide an ounce of comfort and at least the ability to take a good shower to parents who likely just received the hardest news of their lives.


As a last inspiration, I can almost guarantee you will love this 3-minute Taiwanese life insurance commercial – if you haven’t seen it already – about being aware, present, and loving. Please watch it!



Are you ready to be inspired?

WLBC Results are in!

“She believed she could, and she did.”

We are so proud of these women, who not only committed to this last session and worked hard to change their habits and adopt the Sweaty Sisterhood mentality for life – but are brave enough to share their results with YOU! It takes guts to put yourself out there for all to see, and we love that they do it to inspire someone else with the hard work they’ve been through.

If you’ve been on the fence about joining either WLBC or Amp, what’s holding you back? The time commitment? The time will pass anyway. The diet change? It takes 21 days to quit or start a new habit – including ridding your body and tastebuds of junk food – they will literally be retrained to crave the good stuff – no joke. Or is it the workouts? Well that one’s easy – Fusion workouts are filled with good people, good music, incredible instructors who make you laugh or tell you to keep going when you need the extra boost … you will begin to enjoy and even look forward to the next one! So give it a go – what do you have to lose??? Our next camps start – you guessed it – next month to get your New Year’s Resolutions in check!

Read more info here for Weight Loss Boot Camp, here for AmpCamps, and here for even more awesome results to see from past campers.



Lost 20.7 lbs

Down 3 inches from waist

Down 3 inches from hips

Down 2.5 inches from bust

Go Angel, what an awesome accomplishment!

Check out Angel’s “Top Ten Things I Learned at Fusion Weight Loss Boot Camp” she put together for us – see – this is how much fun we have in our Camps!

10. Getting up at 4:45 in the morning can feel really good if you use the time wisely

9. What it means to drink the Fusion Kool-Aid

8. Francie scares and inspires me all at the same time

7. It’s more mental than it is physical

6.  I’m not a big fan of burpees

5. When you think you’ve given all you’ve got; you’ve actually got some more!  – laps

4. Shawna will find the upside to everything :)

3. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent

2. The women you will meet at Boot Camp are AMAZING and INSPIRING

And the #1 thing I’ve learned at Boot Camp:

1. To push myself farther than I thought possible

One more thing…

I can count on one hand the number of times I felt like I was missing out at a meal. There are a ton of meals in 12 weeks! I did the math; three meals a day (now it’s more like 5 but we will use three for this) x 7 days a week is 21 meals a week x 12 weeks = 252!! Out of 252 meals I’ve only felt like I was missing out a handful of times and now looking at my pictures….I’m really glad I “missed out”!! Guess I didn’t need or want those calories/sugar/processed food as much as I thought I did!



Andrea lost 3 inches from her waist

3 inches from her hips

1 inch from her chest

Way to go beautiful! Look what you’ve accomplished in just 2 months!


image-3Anne decided to make a change in January and has done 3 camps throughout the year! With small kids at home and a traveling husband, she found it hard to stay committed to exercise and came into Fusion intimidated with the idea of group workouts. A regular member now, her red hair can be seen zooming away in our Fusion Fly studio and a growing number of regular studio classes. Way to go Anne – we love having you around!

Lost 13 pounds

9 1/2 inches from her waist

1 1/2 inches from her chest



Suzanne started her journey with us in January – and has lost 81.9 pounds! She rocks – here are her results from each of the 3 camps she’s done with us this year:

First 8-week session (January 2014)
Lost 32.7lbs
Waist down 6.5 inches
Hips down 3.25 inches
Chest down 4 inches

Next 8-week session (summer 2014)
Came in 3 lbs lighter than the end of last session:)
Lost 26.2
Waist down 5.5 more!
Hips down 4.5 more!
Chest down 4.5 more!

Recent session (fall 2014)
Lost: 19.8
Waist down 3.5 more!
Hips 2.5 more!
Chest down 2 more!

Grand totals:
Lost 81.9 lbs!!!
Waist down 15.5!!
Hips down 16.5!
Chest down 9.6!
Suzanne started with 22 push-ups on her knees in 1 minute and ended in style at 30 ON TOES & 20 on knees in 1 minute!
Sit-ups went from 22 to 42!
She held plank for :22 last January and now planks like it’s her job at 2:10!


 *********Amy S*********


Lost 12.2 pounds

Down 2 inches from waist

Down 2.25 inches from hips

Down 2.5 inches from bust

Improved sit-ups & pushups

3 minutes of laps increased from 13.5 to 23…super!

Way to commit Amy, you look great!



Lost 25.4 pounds

Down 4 inches from hips

Down 2 inches from bust

Sit-ups from 12 to 25!

Pushups went from 2 on toes/11 on knees to 10 on toes/22 on knees!

3 minutes of laps increased from 11 to 19…nice!

Rachel look at that beautiful smile – you rocked it & look fabulous!



Lost 19.7 lbs

Down 2 inches from waist

Down 3 inches from hips

Down 3 inches from bust

Improved sit-ups from 26 to 32!

Increased push-ups from 10 on toes & 25 on knees to 20 on toes – Nice work lady!

You are firmed up girl – doubling your pushups on your toes?! Looking good!



Lost 14.1 pounds

Down 3 inches from waist

Down 1 inch from hips

Down 3 inches from bust

Wahoo girl way to go! Your tummy results are the bomb! This is such a trouble spot for so many of us, and you are proof that with hard work, you can shimmy that baby up in no time!

Click here for more info on our upcoming camps…could you be our next success story? Yes you can! You just have to try!



We’ve gathered a few ideas for Santa this year – while holiday shopping is still fun and not down to the wire, check out your instructors’ favorite gifts to give, bring to the party hostess, and what’s on their wish lists!



Lulu Scarf

For my girlfriends that have itty-bittys I love The Mommy Shop on Metcalf and 151st street. It has lots of unique handmade baby clothes and bows, tutus and shoes.

For my kids and nieces, I found this company that takes your child’s drawing and turns it into a stuffed animal. It’s so adorable…except my oldest son drew a zombie ninja that is more terrifying than adorable. They do giftcards too.
For parents and grandparents a family picture on a canvas is easy and something they will have forever. I found some great deals on this year.
Luluemon’s Vinyasa scarf is a great gift for girlfriends because it’s so cozy and soft, and great to use as a blanket on an airplane.
The go-to hostess gift for me is a bottle of wine and a game – like Jenga or Cards Against Humanity. Wrap it up pretty to apologize in advance for your behavior at their party.



Sharyn Blond Linens

I’m trying to shop as locally as possible this year. Kansas City has some truly amazing places so it hasn’t been tough! My mom owns a tabletop, bed and bath store in Fairway (shameless plug here!) Sharyn Blond Linens. She has amazing taste and I just love everything in her shop! I like to give the Le Jacquard Francais kitchen towels as hostess gifts. There are a million different designs, all in beautiful, vibrant colors.

My friends Wynne Foster (Fusion Junkie!) and Heather Hanson own an awesome boutique in Corinth Square. In Clover is my go-to spot for finding that perfect party outfit or gift. Some of my faves…Scarf and Earring box – At $42, these scarf and earring sets are the perfect present. Pre-wrapped and ready to go, they’re great as a last minute hostess or teacher gift!…Mud Pie Initial Votive, $12- A personalized, mercury glass votive is gorgeous as a gift or in your holiday decorations…Liquid Metal cuff bracelets, Starting at $81 – Unique in their designs and snap closures, the Liquid Metal bracelets are a statement piece for any jewelry lover!

***Amy H & Francie***

1) Fusion Fitness Videos: To be sure to keep in tip-top shape all year long! Fusion Fitness apparel too: it’s all so dang cute and you gotta look good when you’re working out :)


Emily Baldwin at Standard Style

2) Standard Style &Baldwin Denim: Soo many amazing choices for men and women… purses, jewelry, jeans, sweatshirts, hats, yummy lotions & perfume,  & a few different make-up lines (Kevin Aucion lipstick, Jouer gloss, and Claudio Riaz instant face make great gifts). Huge added bonus to shopping here is the stellar personal service you get; these people know their merchandise and their customers, so they always have great gift suggestions no matter what you need.

3) Clique: little boutique in Prairie Village that has beautiful clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other great gifts. This store always has a collection of  gorgeous sweaters by brands like Vince & 360. I love that I can buy a dress here and know that I won’t walk in to a party and see it on 3 other ladies; their dresses are unique and they usually only have one size of each one. You’ve gotta love the fact that Clique makes a point of repping local designers, like JANESKO jewelry (one of my very faves – SOO many fab choices make this one of my fave b-day gifts for friends!) and MER SEA candles and cashmere wraps (another one of my go-to gifts for friends).


Mer Sea – Fusion Scent at Fusion!

4) In Clover: This darling shop in Corinth Square has fantastic shirts, jeans, dresses, and other clothing, plus jewelry, scarves and bags at all different price points. I usually go in here to buy a gift for someone and come out with a couple cute new things for myself as well :) Their location is convenient and you can get in and out of there in a flash (except for the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever gone in and not seen someone I know!) A couple of things that stand out: they have a great collection of scarves in every color and style, and those are always great gifts. They also have super cute jewelry that you can get monogrammed, which is another gift option.

5) GLOW SUN-FREE  TANS - Another option is to give the gift of a sun-free glow tan; these are the best spray-tans in KC. They custom mix your color based on your skin tone and how tan you want to be, so you don’t end up looking like an oompa-loompa. Love the idea of giving this as a gift because it’s such a nice way to make yourself feel sunny & “beachy” when it’s cold and snowy here!

6) THE LITTLE HOUSE: If your gift list includes little ones – babies/toddlers/young children – then The Little House has a great array of choices for you! They carry those adorable Charlie Hustle KC t-shirts that everyone loves, along with lots of other baby/kids s clothing, swimsuits, shoes, blankets, and bibs. This is the ultimate place to buy baby gifts as well as b-day and Christmas gifts for those sweet little lovers in your life.

Fifth House Intimates

Fifth House Intimates

7) Fifth House Intimates: This charming shop is filled with luxurious pajamas, sexy panties, lacy bras, & cozy robes. Shopping here is a very pampering, personal, and delightful experience. You can book an appointment to shop or order online, whichever works best for you. This is the perfect place to go and spend some time picking out your favorite things and let them make a list to keep onhand so that your hubby or significant other can easily surprise you with something amazing (that you actually picked out :). It’s also the perfect spot to get a beautiful robe or pair of gorgeous pjs for your girlfriend’s b-day or Christmas present. 

8) t.LoftThis local gem has 2 convenient locations: one on 81st & State Line and the other in Park Place. It is my fave place to stop and grab a  super healthy & quick lunch, snack, or juice. Giving a gift card to this yummy spot is a no-brainer because there’s something for everyone. My kids love the peanut butter protein balls topped with a drizzle of nutella, and I live for the Warrior Juice. They just added a fabulous menu that allows you to choose your ingredients for a salad/bowl and the protein/calorie/carb count is listed by each ingredient… GENIUS!! You can get creative and make your own concoction, or try one of the numerous delish items they suggest.. either way, the end result is a satisfying, delicious, healthy, perfectly portioned meal! 


One of my favorite things to give…and get (myself) is the Rewined Candles! The glass is the bottom of a old wine bottle and the scents are all


Rewined Candles

different types of wine. My personal fave is chardonnay, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them!

I’m starting to get back into running, so a lot of my wish list this year involves running gear…
And some new Sorel snow boots to keep my feet warm to and from the Fusion Studio! :-)

***Shauna P***

My wish list always includes clothes, but I LOVE surprises so I tend to not give away too many ideas because it takes away from the fun and excitement of opening gifts…
I’ve bought lots of toys for my kids of course and I always have a big present my kids can share, I can’t say  what I’m getting others what if they read this? I always bring wine for a hostess gift and sometimes small flowers in a cute vase.

***Amy P***

Good Morning America has, at least once a week, a Steals & Deals segment and today they had darling clutches and socks for half-price – always an awesome place to look for Christmas ideas.


photo 4

The Akola Project

Beats wireless head phones – Hubby

photo 2-1

Monya Bags

Monya Beaded Wallets (available at Fusion;) ) – School Teachers & Babysitters

The Akola Project Necklaces (at Fusion too!) – Girlfriends (An awesome non-profit providing vocational training to women – and more – please read more about them! – in Eastern Uganda

Cordless Dyson Vacuum – Parents

Mer Sea Candles – Neighbors

Adopt-a-Family – For my kids :)

***Liz B***

I really try to use local stores or unique boutiques when I can – Stuff, Ten Thousand Villages, In Clover, Hoopla, Zum products, anything that supports local or small business. Don’t get me wrong I’m still a Target junkie but you know, these are the perfect places for those gifts with thought or that need to be special!I also love to give gifts of things I use everyday – the Italian Volcano Lemon Juice from Costco, my fave almond butter – Barney Butter, Natural Ice Chapstick – stuff like that. Gifts that are practical!

***Shawna W***


Annedores Chocolates

I have been frequenting the little corner of 50th & State Line for local, adorable small gifts (teachers, hostess, etc). The newly opened Little Flower Shop has tons of cute & unique gifts in all price ranges…candles, ornaments, jewelry, small bouquets…etc.

Next door is Annedores Chocolates. Since I have had to come to the honest realization that I simply cannot make my grandmother’s fudge without consuming half of the batch, I love to buy (sealed tight) sweet treats for others at Annedores. They have the cutest “Plaza Lights” dark chocolate gifts…available in any size. A bag of salted carmels with a bottle of wine is my mom’s go-to hostess gift. Always well received. Do not go in this store hungry…(and store it in the trunk of your car).


Sav-Art Cards

I also love stopping in at Sav-Art to grab a few note cards with KC skylines, colleges, etc..  Stick it in a little photo frame & voila…the gift of art. His bright colors & familiar scenes make people happy.

The best gift, local or worldwide, for a friend (or me ;) ) is a Standard Style gift card. We all work our butts off…you deserve to walk into this great shop & say…”please help me find the best pair of jeans for me.”  Trust me…they will… and they will be worth every dime.

For adorable gifts – you’ll find the perfect one every time – I love Ampersand Design Studio – check them out for gift exchanges and Secret Santas! I also love Disrupting Creative for friends and family – you’ve probably noticed the funky vintage subway Fusion sign in both of our studios – they make super cool custom things like that!


Ampersand Design Studio Goods


I was just at Bijin Salon & Spa – they have great and inexpensive gift ideas. Fun jewelry, hair accessories, makeup, clothing, candles, etc., etc.  Great spot to stop and get hostess gifts!


My wish list this year includes some things to enjoy staying active in the winter…
Fleece lined running pants, Arm band for running w/ my new iPhone :)
However, I think it’s cool to think about gifts that don’t equal just more stuff… Instead, we are thinking about gifts that provide a fun experience/treat… Gift card for Snow Creek skiing or snow tubing for our family, or gift card for Sky Zone for my kids, gift certificate for massage for my husband, etc.
I also love to give or receive special infused olive oils and vinegar, like The Tasteful Olive Tuscan Herb olive oil and Lemon Sicilian Aged Balsamic.


tLoft-Kansas-CityFor stocking stuffer and hostess-type gifts, here are some of my faves: 
A fun game everyone can easily enjoy, like Spot-it 
t. Loft or Starbucks gift card with a bag of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups
a cute Anthropology candle
Flavor infuser goods, such as a Water Bottle or Ice Balls from Uncommon Goods
And, when all else fails, a good bottle of red wine!

***Meghann V***


Photobarn Wood Ornaments

The gift that keeps on giving: A picture is worth a thousand words… I sure am chatty, so naturally I have a great love for photos. My husband and I got hitched this past September giving us yet another reason to divvy out some fantastic family photos as gifts this holiday season. As some of you may know from my frequent crafting posts, to say I have a soft spot for the rustic modern decor that is taking home furnishings by storm is an understatement. Well, during a dragging night shift at the hospital a friend stumbled upon a goldmine of creative spins on photo displays at a fairly reasonable cost: They have fantastic wood prints of photos, as well as rustic photo frames, but my item nearly everyone in my family is receiving is their Christmas Ornament photo blocks. They are an adorable way to give someone a personal, festive yet timeless gift that they’re sure to keep and use for years!! Pricing varies greatly but most importantly they have several items on their website on sale at all times, so if your patient and/or a planner the cost is typically at minimum 50% off on any given item every couple weeks​​.

And of course, we have great gifts right here at Fusion – from stocking stuffers to year-long memberships, we have the right gift for the fitness-lover on your list! Brands like Onzie & Glyder for adorable print crops, Nevawear – another non-profit working to empower women in South Asia, and of course our own Fusion swag – hoodies, tanks, tees, & sweats!
photo 1-1

Fusion Swag

Onzie & Glyder Crops

Onzie & Glyder Crops

Neva Wear

Neva Wear




Corbin Park Studio Open

Corbin Park is officially ON! 
CP is between JCPenny & Von Maur/Crowley Furniture on the southeast corner of 135th & Metcalf. We have a parking garage (the entrance is next to Nails & Wax).  See our full class schedule! 

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