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BURN 3500 calories with these 5 seperate killer workout DVD's.  Shock your body and get the most amazing results available through any at-home workout system.  We have combined the best and latest methods in exercise to bring this dynamite and very addictive workout series to you!


DVD 1 - Fusion Mix with Darby - Sweating, sculpting and strenthing your way into your dream body. Look tight from your triceps to your tush! ( 60 min)

DVD 2 - Tabata & Toning with Francie - Drop a size with this cardio master piece. 20 Second tabata's mixed with body toning. (45 min)

DVD 3 - Barre with Sadie - Achieve the length of a dancer and strength of an athelete.  Ballet meets badass in this belly fat burning workout. (50 min)

DVD 4 - Bikini Bootcamp with Amy- Get summertime skinny with 40 minutes of non stop kicking, jumping, lunging and punching.  Tone up your trouble areas in the last 20 minutes. ( 60 min)

DVD 5 - Fusion with Brooke - A vigerous sequence of funky fresh yoga, pilates, calisthenics, and barre. You will tone muscles you never knew you had!


Series includes all 5 Workouts.  You will need: Stability ball, playground ball, resistnace band, weights, and paper plates.

Dream Body DVD Series

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Sweat_Lab_2 - EditThe professional mix masters have created the ultimate workout formula! You will be drenched in sweat during this one hour elite body shaping & mind-blowing class. Our combination of 1/4 Bikini Boot Camp, 1/4 Fusion Mix, 1/4 HIIT (high intensity interval training), and 1/4 Fusion promises to torch fat, tone muscles, and leave you in tip-top shape both mentally and physically.

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