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Dream Body Cardio Series will get your body toned and tightened in no time! The series includes five new classes, each full of challenging cardio and muscle sculpting moves to change the way you look and feel. Burn off stored fat, skinny your waistline, define your arms and perfect your buns! You may break each of these workouts into 25–30 minute workouts.

This DVD series includes:

Disc 1 / M.I.L.F. (Max Interval Laced with Fusion) with Darby
Not your mama's workout... this workout will have you looking like you’re 20 again! Start off with 30 minutes of max cardio intervals which increase in intensity while decreasing in time. This method is extremely effective. The intervals repeat 3 times, allowing you to perfect the moves. The last 30 minutes wrap up with isolated toning exercises focused on your buns, arms, and abs. (55 minutes)

Disc 2 / inTENse with Sadie
We call this inTENse for a reason, get ready to get sweaty in this total body workout.  inTENse is broken into six, ten-minute segments alternating between cardio, arms, and abs. The separation allows complete burnout in each muscle area. This is one inTENse hour of shocking your body! (60 minutes)

Disc 3 / FUSION 50 with Brooke
No excuses to skip your workout with this option! Knock out your cardio and toning in less than an hour—we make every minute of this workout count with a challenging fat-burning cardio sequence followed by 15 minutes of burnout in your buns, arms, and hamstrings. (50 minutes)

Disc 4 / BATA BARRE with Francie
You don’t have to be a ballerina to look like one! Bata Barre combines two favorites— 30 minutes of cardio tabatas and 30 minutes of barre for the lengthened strength of a dancer. Get your cardio fix with powerful sets of tabatas, and then get ready to shake as you define your legs and booty. You'll wonder where your new body was hiding all this time after spending an hour at this barre! (60 minutes)

Disc 5 / BIKINI BOOTCAMP with Amy
Cardio and abs to the max! This Bikini Bootcamp puts a twist on traditional kickboxing by adding a resistance band for an extra challenge—your arms and core will be on fire throughout the hour while keeping your heart-rate up for serious calorie burn. Conclude with specific ab exercises, and then get ready to strut your sexy self.
(60 minutes)

Equipment used:  yoga mat • 2lb weights • playground ball • resistance band • paper plates • circular band

Combine these workouts with a healthy diet and you’ll see your body change in no time. Take it to the next level and shock your body with this Dream Body Cardio Workout!

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Cardio Series

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