stomach‘Sweaty Sweat Fest’ could accompany our ‘Shock Your Body’ motto here at Fusion, now that summer is here (kind of) and the weather is slowly but surely rising to the sweltering, humid days we’re all used to in Kansas City. When those days finally get here, you guessed it, the amount of sweat we have dripping from foreheads and arms and legs and mirrors will be doubled, drenching even the cutest of your Lulu tops in pure salty sweat. But this is all a good thing, because sweating is good for you, and that’s why we like to make you do it so darn much. We hear the complaints: “it’s too hot!” “it’s too sweaty!” “I’m too hungover to be sweating this much!” We appreciate your honesty, we really do, but to it we say, “you’re here to sweat!” “start sweating!” and “sweat out your booze!”

Not only does it mean you’re exercising and burning calories, but sweating also helps you reduce stress, clear and rehydrate skin, and produce more white blood cells. How’s that for an hour of your time? The sweatier, the better, we say, even if you all looked like you peed your pants with crotch sweat when you walk out the door. Heck, some of us may even have a little bit! We know it can feel a little embarrassing to fling sweat on your neighbor or check your butt out in the mirror as you’re leaving class and realize your, ahem, crack is highlighted (or lowlighted) with a dark line of sweat, but hey, we’re all in this together. We’re all here to work out, have fun, and well, sweat together! So get sweating!

Check out this article below from Fit, highlighting all of the glorious reasons our sweaty studios are nothing but good for you.

537631_445261075492150_1094735370_nWhat Is Sweat? 

Sweating is very cleansing for your body. Various cultures throughout time have embraced this fact as demonstrated by the prevalent uses of sweat lodges, bath houses and steam rooms in numerous traditions. When you sweat, your body undergoes a series of processes that allow for the release of toxins and an increase in metabolism.

Sweat is made up mostly of water but also contains minerals, urea, lactic acid, ammonia and sugar. Sweating is your bodies way of regulating its temperature. When you run long distances or exercise in hot weather, for example, your muscles exert themselves and your body overheats. Sweating is your body’s way of bringing your temperature back to normal.

The Benefits of Sweating

When you sweat, you breathe faster, your heart works more, your circulation improves and your metabolism accelerates, all in an effort to resume your normal body temperature. Because your circulation is increased during sweating, many of the toxins and impurities are able to exit your body by way of your open skin pores. This is a good reason to exercise to the point of sweating or to sit in a steam room regularly.

Your skin also benefits from sweating. Your skin pores open and any dirt or impurities on the surface layers of the skin have a chance to exit. Sweating regularly, if followed by proper cleansing, will help you to achieve softer and smoother skin.

It is believed that the immune system also benefits from sweating. When your body heats up, your body generates more white blood cells. This strengthens your immune system.

Sweating for Weight Loss

Sweating has been discussed heavily as a tool for weight loss. The weight that you lose through sweating is water weight. This weight is quickly replaced when you replenish your fluids. However, activities that lead to sweating often burn up calories. Sitting in a sauna uses up energy as your body tries to restore your normal temperature. If you are sweating because you have been exercising, you have been burning calories.

So, sweating is a good goal to incorporate as part of a weight loss program because it means that your body is eliminating toxins and burning up calories. Just be sure to make sweating a part of a larger program of balanced nutrition and exercise for a maximum effect.

Sweating for Stress Relief

Sweating can also be very relaxing for both your body and your mind. When you sweat, your body’s muscles are warmed up by humidity and heat. This helps to release the stress and fatigue brought on by muscle tension.

Sweating is healthy and cleansing. It helps your body get rid of toxins. It cleanses your skin. Sweating gets your circulation going and increases cardiovascular activity. It increases your metabolism, leading to calorie burning. It boosts your immune system. Sweating is also an effective stress reliever. To enjoy the health benefits of sweating, include activities in your daily life such as regular exercise, working in the garden on a warm day or sitting regularly in steam rooms and saunas.

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