Fusion Fitness Weight Loss Bootcamp

Are you ready to get healthy & feel strong? Reach your goals with our 12-Week Fusion Fitness Weight Loss Boot Camp (WLBC). Over the past three years, hundreds of women have lost thousands of pounds…and more importantly, found an incredible environment to kick start a fitness regime & healthy lifestyle – many for the first time in their lives.



Shawna Wright, our original WLBC alum, lost 57 pounds her first session and gained such personal success, her passion became apparent to help other people take the steps that she did. You can read her story here – she has led our WLBC and Amp Camps for the past three years and shares her love of a healthy lifestyle to help others find the same positive changes she’s experienced. Using her own season as inspiration to Campers, she understands the exact challenges and feelings involved in undergoing such a life-changing journey.



Regan is also an alum of WLBC, rising to her own challenge throughout our camps and achieving such physical and mental success she felt it necessary to help others find their inner strength as well. She loves assisting in WLBC, and now brings her “been there, done that” expertise to her own sessions of AmpCamp. Clients love her honesty in sharing her own story, as well as her ability to kick major booty as she knows what it takes to get it done.


WLBC Provides: · 12 week commitment · Weekly weigh-ins (individuals weight will be kept private, but pounds lost may be celebrated!) · 3 small group training sessions per week · 2 personalized “take home” cardio workouts per week · Membership to Fusion Fitness (mandatory 3-4 classes per week, after week 4) · Nutrition education, suggestions and calorie counting tools · ACCOUNTABILITY!!

In addition to losing a significant amount of weight, participants’ results and feedback show these major changes:

  • Gained muscle mass
  • Increased metabolism
  • Re-gaining of self confidence
  • Increased heart functionality
  • Decreased daily stress
  • Improved cardio capacity
  • Improved relationships
  • Adopted WLBC principals & education into their continued lifestyle
  • Keeping the weight OFF for good

Could you be our next success story? Our before & after results are from real women right here in Kansas City – they each made the decision to commit to themselves and overcome the fear of starting an emotional and physical journey to lasting change.

What can 12 weeks do for you?

The positive energy and excitement surrounding our past groups is contagious. These women provided each other with support, accountability and advice. Be ready to work hard, eat right and enjoy life more. Do this for yourself and the affects will show themselves in all areas of your life.

Our Next Session Starts in January – Meet Your New Year’s Goals!

Dates and details coming soon!

We also have a special Holiday Bridge Camp for Current WLBC & Amp’ers and WLBC & Amp Alumni!

Amp/WLBC Holiday “BRIDGE” Accountability Program w/ Amy H, Shawna, Regan & Jos

Program runs 12/1-12/22

Overview: The goal of this program is to help WLBC/AMP alumni navigate the holiday season and BRIDGE the gap between sessions.

Our desire is to continue the forward momentum of healthy lifestyle, exercise and clean eating while keeping in mind the holiday season and its many temptations. While weight loss isn’t necessarily a goal of the program, keeping in mind our lasting goal of “FIT FOR LIFE” is. We will share healthy, balanced ways to enjoy the season, without sabotaging your success. Accountability is key.

Example—If we indulge in holiday cocktails one night, we commit to a reparative regimen of water consumption (100 oz), clean real food, and an hour of exercise the following day.

<<What you get!>>

2 N.E.W.’s per week (No equipment workouts) emailed out
Recipes & tips for tackling the party season like a pro
Motivation, encouragement & accountability
8 scheduled 30-45 minute workouts at the Overland Park Studio:

12/1 10:40AM -w/ Amy H.

12/2 11:30-11:55 w/Jos

12/2 6:40PM-Spin w/Shawna

12/4 10:40AM w/ Shawna

12/8  Noon-Spin w/Regan

12/9 11:30-11:55 w Jos

12/9 6:40-Spin w/Regan

12/10 10:40 AM w/ Amy H.

12/12 10:40 AM w/ Shawna

12/16 11:30-11:55 w/ Jos

12/16 6:40 PM Spin w/ Regan

12/22 9:40 AM Spin w/ Jos

*Past participation in a WLBC or AmpCamp is a prerequisite.

Alumni understand the structure of our bootcamps & we don’t want to leave them ‘high and dry’ during the holidays before our next sessions start. We also want to set up all new camp participants up for success & ensuring they get the best results. Therefore, we recommend any interested newbies to WLBC or AMP start in January with a regular session program.

Program runs 12/1-12/22

Cost: $149

Questions: email or call Shawna Wright 816-835-3451 shawnawright2002@yahoo.com

Check out our blog for past success stories and more articles about health, fitness, and making the most out of the one body you have been given for the rest of your life!

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