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Fusion Fitness believes everyone deserves to look and feel their best. According to owner and creator, Darby Brender, “We have developed a system that will transform your body by elongating your muscles, decreasing body fat, improving cardiovascular endurance as well as increase flexibility.”

Fusion’s classes are totally different from traditional exercise which focus on building major muscle groups. Fusion puts a focus on strengthening all the muscles in your body, big and small.

Offering 70 classes each week. Trendy, fun, and cutting-edge wraps up Fusion Fitness in a nutshell. Fusion happily upholds the reputation as the most challenging fitness classes in the Midwest.

In 2011, Fusion Fitness created the Dream Body DVD- a fast moving, fun, fitness phenomenon designed to sculpt bodies in no time. Dream Body was named a Top Fitness Video by  Fab Fit Fun and was featured by fitness blogger MizFit as “one of the top five most challenging workouts.”  On the heels of Dream Body’s success, Darby created  the Dream Body Series- a set of 5 DVDs designed to get clients their Dream Body with a combination of Barre, Fusion Mix, Fusion, Tabata and Toning and Bikini Bootcamp.

In 2013 Fusion Fitness released their second 5-Set, Dream Body Cardio Series, with five of their most popular and challenging cardio classes – and landed on the pages of Shape Magazine. Fusion Bump was also released in 2013, offering a less intense, yet still challenging, workout for moms to be.

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Sweat_Lab_2 - EditThe professional mix masters have created the ultimate workout formula! You will be drenched in sweat during this one hour elite body shaping & mind-blowing class. Our combination of 1/4 Bikini Boot Camp, 1/4 Fusion Mix, 1/4 HIIT (high intensity interval training), and 1/4 Fusion promises to torch fat, tone muscles, and leave you in tip-top shape both mentally and physically.

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Fusion's Spin on Cycle!

fusion052resizedWe've blended Classic Fusion Moves with Spin to Shock Your Body! Check out SPINtense, Biker Barre and our other unique classes! Come Fly

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