Q:  I’ve never been to Fusion, what class should I start with?
A:  You’re welcome to start with any class, we have too much fun to have a lot of tight rules!  However, we do recommend attending a Fusion Raw class (designed for beginners but still a hardcore class).  If that class time doesn’t fit your schedule, try a Fusion class.  These two classes will introduce you to the Fusion style and give you a good idea of what we’re all about.

Q:  Do you have locker rooms?
A:  We have plenty of space to change clothes before or after class but we currently do not have showers.

Q: How do I reserve a spot for class?  Do I have to sign up ahead of time?
A: It is highly recommended that you sign up for class ahead of time.  Walk-ins are welcome, but only if the class is not already full with fusionistas that signed up online.  Click on the pink ‘sign up for class!’ button in the top navigation to sign up and/or see if a class is full.

Q: What should I wear to class?
A: Leg warmers and stilettos of course! Ha ha. Comfortable fitting pants and an exercise top. See descriptions for classes that require sneakers!

Q: What can I expect?
A: We respect your time. Classes start and end on time. Check out class descriptions for more details on specific classes. We will lock the doors 10 minutes after class begins.

Q: How often should I attend classes?
A: We recommend 3 times per week. We also recommend switching up classes so we can continue to “shock your body”.

Q: Where do I park?
A: For the Overland Park studio, park in our parking lot in front of the studio or west of the studio near the Rio Theater.  Please do not park at Overland Park TV. For the Mission Farms studio, feel free to park anywhere within the Mission Farms parking lot.

Q: Do guys ever attend class?
A: Yes, and we encourage men to attend. Our philosophy on exercise is beneficial to both women and men. Men may survive the whole class and love it!

Q: What types of classes are celebrities doing?
A: Current celeb favorites are doing Physique 57 (similar to Barre Intensity), the Tracey Anderson Method (similar to our work in Fusion with bands), and Insanity (similar to Switch UP). We stay on top of all the latest fitness trends and bring them to you!

Q: What is Fusion Fitness doing to “be green”?
A: We encourage our clients to bring their water bottles, we do have water, but no cups. We use earth friendly, non-toxic cleaner, as well as all cloth towels. We limit printing of schedules and promotional materials. We think doing our part to save the earth is totally rad!

Q: I missed (or late canceled) a class – will I be charged??
A: Likely yes.  As stated on the memberships, all no shows or late cancels are subject to being charged $15.  No shows may be refunded for situations such as speeding tickets (you were trying to make it), city-wide power outages and having a baby. Please respect that we can’t refund for every cold caught, baby wake up or alarm mishap…Thanks for understanding as we want everyone who possibly can get a workout in with us to have a chance to do so!



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